Faction Status

  • Leviathan Hunters, Rep 0

    • One of the main sources of elicit drugs that the Waistcoat Whalers work with. Contacts known mainly from Kobb and Phin's time on the Leviathan Hunting ships.
    • They give the Whalers permission to do business in the Docks.
  • Skovland Refugees, Rep 1

    • The crew got a talented Skovlander forger whose operation was being closed in on by the Inspectors out of trouble. He was well respected among the Skovlanders, and they heard of the crew's help.
  • The Inspectors, Rep -2

    • The Inspectors know that the Whalers were involved in helping the forgery artist escape their clutches, though don't have solid proof.  They made them look a bit like fools, and the Inspectors won't forget it.
  • The Gondoliers, Rep +2

    • One of the crew's main contacts is Anya, a dillettante who has strong ties with the Gondoliers, having given them quite a bit of money in the past.
  • The Church of the Ecstasy of the Flesh, Rep -2

    • Anya used to be a member of the church, her family being large doners to the Church.  When Anya's family died and she fell in with the wrong crowd, the donations dried up – the Church blames the people who get Anya her supply for her failings.

Faction Status

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